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Everybody enjoys watching whiteboard animations – whether on YouTube, TV commercials, or on informative presentations. But what are whiteboard animations?

This is a style of video that displays images drawn on the screen to viewers. Most of them are accompanied by a narration that guides the viewer through the entire story. 

Whiteboard animation videos used by most businesses and they serve as innovative and engaging ways to advertise and market products or services, and provides flexibility to the marketing strategy of companies.

These videos can go places that salespeople can’t get to. They can be shared digitally, deployed on the web or through emails in instances where it is impossible or impractical to meet physically. Due to this, they can better help in increasing sales than traditional presentation methods.

In this post, we will consider some examples of the 12 best whiteboard animations used today. It is advisable for business owners to watch samples of whiteboard animation videos to get ideas on how to market their products and services to the prospective customers. So, the 12 best whiteboard animation videos are as follows.

1. Personal Identity 

Being part of a new program made by the School Of Philosophy in University College Dublin (UCD), various animations based on scripts were created by students to assist in explaining a concept or an idea that is complex in a simpler manner. Typically, you’ll be required to know a bit about the subject matter. 

The concept was that students taking the module would have grasped some of these philosophical theories so they can write a simple script that could be transformed into an animation. They got amazing results!

2. Changing Education Paradigms

RSA animate series that uses a whiteboard to display a first person’s view has a unique place in the animation community. Arguably, one of the best things about this is how it has changed education paradigms. Teachers and educationists such as Sir Ken Robinson use a TED-Talk manner voiceover to explain their concepts to their listeners.

3. Marker Maker

This is one of the first videos made by Johnny Lawrence. The Marker Marker is a combination of real-life and stop-motion whiteboard video. Stop-motion is known as the literal placement and alteration in every frame. It gives viewers the magical feeling of subtle music, practical effects, and the amazing voiceover. This is one of the reasons why it has more than 2.3 million views.

4. Toyota Camry

It is amazing how a whiteboard presentation can have a major impact in a video of 16 seconds. Toyota did this when explaining the new blind-spot technology that improves public safety and increases the company’s sales on their latest Camry.

The composition and framing of the animation video have a unique structure. Also, the voiceover is imaginative enough to grab the attention of the audience without using many bells and whistles.

5. Health Mart

The health mart video was created to promote the pharmacy and care service of McKesson Corporation. The whiteboard video comes with both quality and compact digital hand drawn animation with high resolution.

The biggest concern of using traditional methods is because they can get expensive, particularly for small businesses. However, the newer digital technology makes it possible for users to improve the video and make it better, even after recording.

6. Energy Efficiency Financing

Another short, yet efficient whiteboard video is the energy efficient video. It comes with a blend of 3D technology and vector rendering, making it more perfect. The manufacturers made a customized shader to provide a cross-hatching CGI effect.

The result of the animation video describes the script and business plan of whiteboard scribing video so that businesses can use and depend on a system that is energy-efficient.

7. Born to Learn

This inspiring and imaginative video is a great example of how whiteboard animations can do wonders when it comes to creating awareness on social problems. Most expects deem it to be one of the most successfully carried campaigns worldwide.

The video script educates viewers on their capacity to learn and evolve. Also, it focuses on why the process of learning should start from an early age. The British voiceover done by actor Damian Lewis raises the production bar.

8. The Story of Stuff

For a while now in the history of whiteboard animations, the Story of Stuff has been one of the most common videos used. The main character in the video is powerful and sensitive enough grab the attention of viewers. And since the video has over 5 million views, it will grab the attention of an average viewer. 

The explainer video describes the link between production and consumption and how they can both affect the world. It is also a teaching guide for people that may not know about the use, sale, and illegal disposal practices.

9. The Echo Sign

Most people have reading instructional manuals. This explainer video tells viewers about the functions of their Echo Sign product in a friendly manner. It is considered one of the most stylized and aesthetically pleasing animations.

Also, using blue and red colour palettes help the audience pay attention to the step-by-step mechanics of the product.

10. Closed Loop Solution

One other fantastic video is the closed loop solution. It explains how the product or service can be beneficial to the environment and help achieve the long-term goals of a business.

Even though the video last for only ninety seconds, it brilliantly describes the nature of service and how it can work for firms that have a lot of paperwork.

11. Where Good Ideas Come From

This whiteboard animation video is strictly informational and helps us understand where good ideas come from. One of the reasons why video makers find it really interesting is that it resembles a traditional hand drawing video.

It is a video that only lasts for four minutes – which makes it perfect for holding the attention of the audience – and it is interesting enough to keep them hooked.

Vital Takeaway Points from Whiteboard Animation Examples

  • Build a convincing creative brief
  • Get a reference video or join various video elements from various sources
  • Work with an organization that can easily understand your video production requirement

With these creative whiteboard animation examples, it is obvious that businesses are using videos for their marketing campaigns. If you intend creating the best whiteboard animation, it will be a good idea to create a brief of the tone and style to use for the videos. It is best for you to be unique and different while creating your messaging through the videos.

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