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Wedding AR Filters

Wedding AR filters are a fantastic alternative to the standard wedding photobooths

Traditionally speaking, the word “wedding” is considered a special event no matter where you are from or what side of the ceremony you’re sitting. Whether you are the person holding the event or simply just a guest, you will all want to capture some special moments with which to spam the gram.

If there is one thing that has taken a massive blow as a result of this global pandemic we have all unfortunately found ourselves in, no it’s not the pints, it’s the weddings. Covid-19 has completely changed the game for the wedding. Weddings traditionally were held on a large scale, but the year of 2021 has become the year of the intimate socially distanced wedding. Many couples are trying to plan and reorganise their weddings to meet the current restrictions. This means they need to keep their number down. No unnecessary extra bodies. That includes you Aunt Susan who we haven’t seen in 26 years.

Now I don’t know about you but nearly every Pre-Covid wedding I went to has had some sort of a photo booth for capturing some really “fun and unique images”. You know the ones. You’ve seen the wigs, the moustaches and all those other horribly generic props that have graced your IG feed at some time or another. Well, the thing about the photo booth is it’s not something new, they have been around forever and everyone’s photos look the same. I can’t tell Jane’s wedding from anyone else’s. At least the ones that print something out give you a souvenir of sorts, something you can leave in a draw to discover in 10 years’ time. Despite all these amazing benefits the wedding photobooth’s days seem to have passed. And now with limited numbers and socially distancing we feel that it may be lights out for those wedding photobooths. I mean at the end of the day who wants to trade Aunt Susan for the weird dude manning the photo booth with a load of germ-filled props? Well maybe I would but that’s another story for another post.

Wedding AR filters

Are disposable camera’s on wedding tables the answer?

Disposable cameras littered around tables seems like a great idea for a wedding. It’s easy to see the appeal. Just get a load of cheap cameras and let the guests do the rest. I mean your already feeding them, they might as well make themselves useful.  All those amateur photographer guests will often get really involved with it too. But despite them appearing cost-effective on the surface in the long run you will wish that you had gone with a completely different alternative.

1. We live in the digital era

We are all living in the digital age now. Every guest at your wedding is clearly going to have a smartphone, with sensors and software and all these automated features, that probably is going to take a better-looking photo than any disposable camera you are going to get. It’s a bit more convenient to and everyone is well used to just whipping out a smartphone and snapping like mad. And you don’t have to wait some irrelevant amount of time for your photos to be developed. Do chemists even do that anymore?

2. Cost and quality of the camera

The disposable camera may look inexpensive. And that is because they are not exactly expensive to make. The film is the most expensive part of them. You can find them on eBay for around €5 each. You can get 10 packs for €33. That means a camera and the film is €3.50 each. A bottle of coke is nearly €3.30 these days. Just imagine how terrible a photo from a camera that costs the same as a bottle of coke is going to look. The answer is absolutely shocking. Hope it’s not getting dark at your wedding. Just in case you have never seen one of the images before we have attached two below.

disposable camera photos

3. Developing cost

The other thing about the disposable camera is the cost of developing the film. It’s pretty easy to get caught up in the €3.30 price tag forgetting that you actually have to get these disgraceful images onto paper. In Ireland, the cheapest price we could find online to develop a roll of 24 photos was €5. The price will be even higher if you try to develop directly in the shop.

So for example, if you bought a pack of ten cameras. You are looking at €33 + €50 to get the film developed. The total for that is €83. If you have 50 guests, there is 1 camera per 5 guests. So you would need to double it. So now you are paying €165 for all these terrible photos that you have to go to the effort of getting developed.

4. A disposable camera is not shareable

Nowadays, social media is the blood that runs through many people’s veins. Most people wouldn’t even get out of bed if it wasn’t for the thought of distributing a heavily staged shot of their breakfast. People love to share. So when it comes to a big event that people have gone to a lot of effort over, both guests and hosts there is going to be a lot of sharing going on.  Naturally, with a disposable camera, no one will care about your wedding anymore by the time you get the images developed and people will just avoid visiting your home in fear of you pulling out some tragic book of poorly lit el ones dancing around to Van Morrison.

wedding AR filters


Instagram AR Filters are undeniable the talk of the town these days. Besides the uniqueness, they offer, AR filters are also a lot of fun and create memorable experiences that are easily shared. They are also very well suited to events. Not sure what to do for your wedding reception photos well look no further. A custom Wedding AR Filter is exactly what you need.

As previously highlighted, we aren’t walking with dinosaurs anymore. We don’t have to sit for photos. We all have mini supercomputers with highly sophisticated cameras just sitting in our pockets. So why not let everyone use the medium they are most comfortable with that delivers great results that are easily distributed? Well because how will your wedding photos stand out from anyone else’s? If only there was a way to customise and personalise everyone’s wedding photos consistently across all of their devices. Thus, an Instagram AR Filter is the answer to this problem.

To simplify, wedding AR filters work the exact same as any other AR filter you may have seen on Instagram or Snapchat. Except this one has been totally customized to the theme of your wedding and personalized with elements unique to the bride and groom. There really is no limit to what you can do. Simple frames with banner, falling confetti, disco balls, face tracked props, quiz about the bride and groom. It’s like the photo booth on steroids and not taking up the corner of a room.  We think Wedding AR Filters could be the next big thing!

1. Customisation & Personalisation

The AR filter itself and what the AR experience is can be designed based on the bride and groom’s desires. They can choose what happens, what props, what theme, what colours, and the level of interaction, all according to their preferences. They can create something truly unique and personal that every guest can use directly from their phone.

2. No Time Restraints

With photo booths, you are paying by the hour and you have an extra person at your wedding restricting your number count. With disposable cameras, you are waiting for them to get developed and then what are you going to do, scan the good ones so you can post them online? With a Wedding AR filter for Instagram, your photos are processed immediately and can be shared the second they’re taken.

3. Less Cost

A Wedding AR filter could start from as little as €900 and can be used by as many guests, all at the same time. There are no restrictions whatsoever.

4. Quick and Shareable

This filter enables people to share their experiences in real-time. I don’t think we need to rehash how much people want to share wedding content, and this gives your guests the perfect way to share some additionally unique and more personal wedding memories. They get more views and so does your big day.

Wedding AR Filters

Wedding AR Filters are totally new. We bet you haven’t seen one before. They have totally flipped the old wedding photobooth on its head. So be one of the first to use one for your wedding. If you are the first person to message us directly about wanting one for your wedding after we post this blog, we’ll do it for free.

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