The Trading Online Voucher from the LEO is a fantastic opportunity for Irish businesses to grow their business online. It is now providing a 90% refund on €2500 web design spend. There are also a variety of other supports that you are likely eligible for.



TEJ provides a wide range of web design services to fit a variety of different business needs and requirements. More often than not, a template simply will not provide enough functionality or flexibility in the design to really create a strong online presence or to communicate your brand story in a way that is engaging and visually interesting to your audience. Not to mention templates can be poorly coded or just loaded with lots of unnecessary code, which ultimately ends up becoming a massive drain on your website’s loading times. Whilst some of these prebuilt templates may seem like they are aesthetically pleasing, they are actually rather clunky and don’t tend to perform well from an SEO standpoint. That’s why our team if given the option will tend to go down the custom route with most web design projects, crafting beautiful digital experiences that excite, engage and convert your users into leads or sales. We do offer template web development options for more budget conscious clients however if you really want to stand out from your competitors, have full control over your design and a responsive website with lightning fast load times that your users will greatly appreciate, then a custom web design build or partly custom build is what you should be looking to go with.

We also offers various levels of support options that can be availed of additionally. This takes the pain out of your general website management and can range from simple updates of any software or plugins being used, as well as security checks, right the way up to a complete growth driven web design package that includes blocked time for monthly edits and the upload of additional content. If you are not familiar with WordPress and you have not maintained a website before, it is highly advisable that you opt for the entry level maintenance to ensure that everything continues to run smoothly.


We would always opt for a WordPress CMS, regardless as to whether we are going with a template design or a fully custom build. WordPress is definitely the most popular content management system used for website development; it is actually used to power over 25% of every website in the world. That’s a lot of websites! Not to mention with over 50% of the CMS market share and its explosive growth into ecommerce with its WooCommerce solution powering over 20% of the top 1 million online stores across the globe, it’s a very stable and well tested CMS that has no signs of going anywhere, which is why we have decided it’s a very safe choice.

Truly great WordPress developers can even create responsive websites and blogs with multi-platform compatibility. There really is no end to what can be achieved through a WordPress CMS. With many years of experience developing websites using WordPress, we would always advise any of our clients to select it for their web builds. That is why we were ranked within the Top 50 Best Web Design Companies


I am yet to come across a single business that could not benefit from the addition of a website and one of the simplest and most robust platforms to use for any web design project is WordPress. WordPress is a very SEO friendly framework that provides us with the ability to develop amazing cross-platform responsive business websites in a lot less time, which means for smaller budgets. This is probably one of the greatest advantages of building a website with WordPress. It means that you can get your new website up and running quicker than ever before!

It’s also a simpler CMS to maintain. I always say if you can use Facebook or Google Ads manager you will be absolutely fine using WordPress. Honestly, they aren’t at all the same, but if you have the confidence and ability to run a PPC campaign you will have no issues running plugin updates and editing existing content on the site once it has been handed over. If you are sitting there going “PPC what now?” we do offer a maintenance service that takes the headaches completely away from you and hands them straight over to us. When you are having web issues just knowing that you have a number to call can really help to alleviate that overwhelming sensation of panic. If you have never experienced it, we would recommend that you kept it that way!



As mentioned earlier if developing on a much tighter budget this avenue is certainly worth exploring however as with most cost-effective options there is always going to be limitations and trade-offs that you may grow unhappy with. The unfortunate thing here is that if something does become an issue for you or your users at a later stage, there often really isn’t a lot of options. In some cases, you may be forced to redevelop the entire website. There is no denying that these prebuilt WordPress Themes can be used to create some awesome looking websites! The issues with template build really start to arise when you decide to scale your business, other times these issues can be through no fault of your own. Google can release updates to their search algorithm which your template may or may not be designed to integrate. This can have a huge impact on the SERP’s you worked so hard to build. That is why we always recommend using a very lightweight theme and then custom developing the design and the required elements as much as possible. By controlling the process first-hand we ensure that every one of our websites has been built to truly suit the needs of our clients.


As previously mentioned, the WordPress CMS is highly search engine friendly. Every website built using this framework over the last few years will have been designed with some basic SEO practise in mind in order to create a good foundation from which you can build upon using specially tailored content, with the aim of increasing your visibility through organic search. Anything that we would have to add to the WordPress system files would always be clean and SEO friendly code. This allows us to ensure that the main structure of the website is maintained as this is more favourable with search algorithms. See our posts on SEO to learn more about ways you could be increasing your domain authority.


Obviously, we do not expect any of our clients to posses any real technical knowledge when it comes to WordPress website development. And to be honest you really don’t need any to be able to manage and edit a WordPress website. I always say if you can handle Facebook and can run PPC advertising this is going to be o issue for you. What we offer for all of our builds is a training video. Yes we could give you reems of sheets to go through but we all know that you won’t. And a 1 hr face to face demo will be of little use to you in 3 months time. Once the website build is complete, we ask every one of our clients to list out any questions they may have about certain things they would like to know how to do with their website. We will then create a video walkthrough detailing all these out, as well as anything else you might have missed that we think is important for you to know.

We feel that most business owners would benefit greatly from being able to handle certain elements of their website. Ultimately its more convenient and cost effective. Otherwise you have to rely on some one else to fix any small immediate problems that may arise. We always do our best to give you a basic understanding of how the website works.

We are here to help if you need us to too with our WordPress Maintenance Service Level Agreement.


WordPress predominantly due to its open source nature is a phenomenal free CMS for creating unique business websites that can really help to scale your growth. On the other hand, due to it being open source means that it is more vulnerable to hackers as there is an endless supply of websites to practice on. Hackers are usually looking to gain access to websites in order to send out spammy emails from recognised sites so that they are not stopped by spam filters. Sometimes they are trying to redirect traffic. However sometimes it can be much more sinister.

It is for these reason that we offer a two tier security package for your WordPress website which depending on your sites activities, should be more than sufficient to prevent the usual malware and hacker attacks. In order to secure your website to a sufficient level we would always recommend going with either Sucuri or else Wordfence. With the premium versions of these your website should be protected to the highest standards and as recommended by the official WordPress guidelines.

If you are interested in building a new website please don’t hesitate to get in touch!