With the latest advancements, it is quite clear that virtual reality isn’t going anywhere. No longer the headache inducing gimmick, the VR world is quickly becoming the latest frontier for enhanced reality experiences. Now with consumer devices like the Oculus Go and Google Cardboard greatly lowering the cost of entry, VR is now even more accessible than ever before. The virtual world is the perfect place to craft immersive brand experiences. We know how to make this happen.

So What Exactly Is Interactive Virtual Reality?

Interactive VR sometimes known as true VR or real time VR is not like any other type of media used for brand communications. Once inside one of these experiences, the user is totally immersed, they can genuinely ‘live’ and ‘feel’ the story that you are dropping them into. This creates a much deeper and more real connection within the user. Where once we had traditional video to create the window into the story, with interactive VR, the user becomes the story in a way that has never been experienced ever before.

Interactive VR places the user directly into a computer generated virtual reality. These can be replicas of existing places from around the world or alternatively they can be completely fictional worlds that have never existed. These virtual realities can only be experienced through head mounted displays (HMD’s) such as the more commonly known Oculus Rift or Oculus Quest. When inside these virtual worlds the user can move around the 3 dimensional environments and also interact with particular elements. With the hand tracking updates coming to Oculus Quest in 2020 this interaction will be even easier and more natural as the touch controllers will no longer be a requirement. The true magic of virtual reality is the perception of feeling like you are physically present inside of a non-physical world. This is an incredibly powerful experience.


Find Out How We Can Help You To Harness The Power Of VR


TEJ & Interactive VR

With a strong background in animation and AR, it has provided us with the necessary skills to transition effortlessly into VR production. This has allowed us to engage in the creation of some truly useful and memorable experiences for some global brands. We use the very best hardware and industry standard unity or unreal engine to execute the highest level of immersive and interactive brand experiences

VR training

Virtual reality production tends to be discussed more from a gaming and entertainment point of view, particularly with regards to its capabilities for revolutionising the industry. However, VR is also being used more and more to create remarkable branded experiences for marketing communications, predominantly due to VR’s unrivalled ability to create immersive environments founded upon a brand’s vision.

Not only is it being used for marketing purposes but there has been huge growth in the VR training space. Businesses and organisations can use VR to train their staff on everything from visual merchandising of stores to reducing workplace injuries. VR is proving particularly useful in training people for situations that may be less common but also highly dangerous. VR allows people to practise repeatedly in a safe environment.

Finding the right virtual reality agency is the best way to get your brand started with VR and to get deep into the mind and imagination of your audience. By using VR it allows your customers to engage and interact with your brand from a completely new perspective creating a more memorable experience. It’s very user-friendly and does not necessarily need to be used through a particular VR device. Both Youtube and Facebook are able to play 360°which means anyone with a mobile device can access it. Although a proper headset is always going to be the preferred way to use it.