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SEO plays a great role in increasing a website’s ranking in search engine result pages.

It is an important part of uploading or publishing anything online to get found on the internet.

It is one of the finest ways to drive organic traffic to a website by using the latest techniques and strategies.

In this article, we’re going to talk about some of the most effective techniques that can be used to rank a website high in 2021.

9 Effective SEO Techniques for a better SERP ranking

  1. Find the competitor’s Top Performing Pages

The strong and effective SEO strategy helps to perform better in search engines.

The best starting point before making an SEO strategy is to find out the competitor’s top-performing pages.

Once the user finds out those pages, he/she can check the exact source of their organic traffic.

After analyzing the competitor’s top rank pages, users can find these type of things:

  • Content Gap
  • Links Gap
  • Opportunities to improve the written content

To find the competitor’s top rank pages, users can use multiple online tools including SEMrush and Ahrefs.

To analyze the competitor’s website on SEMrush, paste the URL of the site into the input box and click “Search” to find details.

The above image shows the website’s estimated organic traffic and a detailed overview of its overall performance.

To check the top-ranked pages, click on the “Pages” tab and you’ll find out which page is performing best on the site.

SEO Techniques

You can further take this insight into the extreme level to find out why these ranked pages perform best and how a user can form a strategy that can grab traffic.

  1. Do a Detailed Keyword Research

Doing complete keyword research is the best way to find keywords related to a specific product or service.

It is an SEO technique of analyzing and finding different search queries related to specific things on the internet.

This effective technique helps to target potential visitors by optimizing the content with target keywords.

Key Research Technique is used when someone is:

  • Looking to find a new niche
  • Trying to generate new content ideas
  • Optimizing the content with target keywords

The research procedure starts with thinking about how to target clients who will search for your product or service.

But, before start searching for new keywords, users must:

  • Have a detailed knowledge about the product or service
  • Have complete knowledge that  how keyword research tool works

To do detailed keyword research, users can use multiple online tools including Ubersuggest and Ahrefs.

To use Ubersuggest, simply write the keyword into the input box and “Search” it to find new keyword ideas.

SEO Techniques

The tool will further analyze the given phrase and quickly generates new keyword and content ideas.

It finds the best related, question, prepositions, and comparison keywords to optimize the content.  

  1. Publish Long and Unique Content

Longer content plays a great role in getting a higher rank in search engines.

It is one of the most effective SEO strategies because longer content tends to get more backlinks as compared with short ones.

This helps a webpage to get the best ranking in search engine result pages.

The content must include topic-relevant images because it helps to look at the content more impressive and attractive.

Also, lengthy content tends to be more authentic, useful, and effective than short content. 

Most of the visitors want everything in one place because it saves both time and effort.

Webmasters and SEO experts must publish high-quality and plagiarism-free content to increase their ranking in search engines.

Because a single plagiarized post can cause some serious consequences to a website.

SEO experts use multiple online plagiarism checking tools to check the originality of the written content.

The free plagiarism checker online focuses on comparing the given file or text with all online resources and databases to quickly find the plagiarized text.

After comparing the file, it finds the plagiarized text and also highlights the paraphrased text used in the file.

  1. Improves Internal Linking and Create Diverse Backlink

Internal linking passes Page Rank and content relevancy signals to the search engines.

It is an effective SEO technique and helps a lot in increasing the website’s ranking in SERPs.

Internal linking helps to connect the content with the other page and gives an idea of your website to the search engine.

Also, creating high-authority backlinks plays an important role in the search engine optimization of a website.

Whereas, spam links can hurt a website, and backlinks from older domains have been shown to pass more value than that of the new sites.

The main purpose of getting a backlink is to show a vote of confidence from one side to the other.

High-quality backlinks play a great role in increasing the website’s position and visibility on the search engine.

Users can use multiple online tools including Ahrefs and Ubersuggest to make a complete backlinks analysis of their competitors.

This helps them to make a strong SEO strategy to beat its competitors in the best way.

  1. Improves the Technical SEO

Technical SEO helps to optimize the infrastructure of a website to enable SE to easily crawl and properly index the site.

It doesn’t deal directly with the website’s content. But, it deals with its different elements including XML sitemaps, URL Structure, robot.txt, page speed, and more.

URL structure is also one of the most important factors of the technical issue.

Try to use the main keyword in the URL to make it semantically perfect.

Website navigation is also very essential for technical SEO because it refers to the internal link structure of a website.

Navigation of a website matters a lot because it helps users find the desired thing without using the search feature.

Also, XML sitemaps help search engines to index the website perfectly.

It normally features URLs, languages, and other important parameters of a website.

Also, increase the loading speed of the website and make sure that the complete website load on HTTPS.

Because it is one of the major ranking factors of a site.

  1. Make website Mobile Friendly

A Mobile-Friendly website plays an important role in the SEO of a website.

Mobile SEO of a site focuses on optimizing a website to make sure that it works properly on mobile devices.

More than 70% of people use the internet on their mobile phones.

To prevent bad mobile experiences, users must optimize their websites to be mobile-friendly.

To make your website mob-friendly, choose a responsive website design to fit every screen size.

Users can also take a mob-friendly test to check how a website is optimized for mobile viewing.

Many webmasters also use different online tools to generate a mobile usability report to quickly check an issue of a site when viewed on a mobile device.

  1. Clean-Up all toxic links

Just like the backlinks helps to increase the website’s ranking, the wrong and spam links can destroy the website’s ranking as well.

If a website has some amount of toxic links, it is highly recommended to quickly remove them.

Here are some reasons why a website may have many toxic links:

  • Creating backlinks with the same anchor text
  • Those links that have been received in an exchange of product or service
  • Poor-quality bookmarking websites

Users can easily find the toxic links by using multiple online tools including the SEMrush backlink audit tool.

The tool is widely used to check the referring domains, toxic domain, and analyzing the backlink profile of a website.

By using the tool, users can easily review the links that seem to be toxic.

They also have the option to move those links to the “remove list” to reach out to the actual site and send them the backlinks removal request.

  1. Improves the User Experience

If the website looks messy and difficult to navigate, then it affects a lot on the ranking of a website.

If you want to make users stay on your website for a longer time, then you’d optimize the user experience of a website.

Try to increase the loading speed of your website and make sure that it doesn’t take more than 3 seconds to load the site.

Also, make sure that the website is easy to navigate to help the user quickly find the desired information.

Select the responsive website design to make the website more attractive and easy to use for everyone. 

  1. Use Social Media Platforms  

Social media platforms are widely used to drive more organic traffic through different social media platforms.

It indirectly affects those factors that impact the site’s ranking in search engines.

When a user post or publishes some quality material on social media that connects the audience must create value for them.

The audience will further read and share the material with their friends which plays a key role in increasing its value and credibility.

The posts on social media platforms help to increase the content reach of your website.

Also, by posting consistently on different social media platforms, it boosts the awareness of people who are searching for your service or products.

Thus, building a site’s reputation on social media platforms not only increases the brand’s awareness but also given an SEO advantage as well.

Social media is not considered as a website’s ranking factor, but strong and authentic social signals help to increase the site’s ranking in SERPs. 

Wrapping Up

To make an effective SEO strategy, analyze the competitor’s top rank pages, and find the best-targeted keywords to optimize the content.

Also, try to improve the user experience of the complete website by increasing the website loading speed.

Write high-quality and unique content to attract more readers and must use a plagiarism checker before publishing content on the website.

Improves the internal linking structure of the site and also get strong backlinks from the high-authority websites.

The most important thing is that removes all toxic links and doesn’t forget to improve the technical SEO of the website.

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