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Unless you have been hiding under a pretty big rock you’ve obviously heard about Instag 5ram stories. In fact if you are a fan of the Instagram platform you probably spend at least 20 minutes a day mindlessly clicking through people’s stories. This is exactly why Instagram stories are a great way to reach your audience. Not only that but due to the nature of an Instagram story, the expectations on production quality are very low, and if anything it all adds to the authenticity of it anyway. So now that you are completly sold on Instagram Stories here is instagram stories ideas for marketers.


“All the experts from around the world are here and they’re telling you what’s going on and where you need to be,” said Drew Taddia.


Here are five Instagram Stories Ideas For Marketers, from Alex Beadon:

#1: Post content consistently. Post regularly and at a pace that works for you. Stick with a set schedule that your audience can depend on. The frequency is up to you, but it is important for people to expect regular content from you.

#2: Create a weekly series. A series gives your audience something to look forward to. Examine what could be relatable and relevant, then create your own series. For example, each Thursday share relevant news. Mix different kinds of content from photo and video to screenshots from your phone or computer in your series. Experiment and have fun!

#3: Share your expert advice. Add value with Instagram Stories by sharing advice. Keep a running list of common customer questions and answer them through a Story.

#4: Run promos. Share fun promotions on Stories that go beyond a discount. Find creative new ways customers can buy from you. Highlight customers and celebrate their wins. Share testimonials or product launches. Use Stories to create social proof or promote a hashtag.

#5: Go behind the scenes of your life and business. Pull people into your life and your brand through Instagram Stories. Behind-the-scenes Stories can be about anything, from what goes into making your product to getting to know your team. Let people peek at how your products are made or share fun facts about yourself or business.

BONUS: What might seem “boring” or “mundane” to you could be fascinating to your fans. Show some of the crazy or ridiculous stuff that your customers would never see anywhere else.  .

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