If you or your brand is using Instagram as one of your main social channels, then I probably don’t need to tell you how effective they can be for engaging people on the Instagram platform. Last year it was reported that 500 million Instagram accounts used Instagram Stories on a daily basis. These Insta Stories have all sorts of fun and interactive features, one of which is Instagram AR filters.

Now you might be thinking that Augmented Reality sounds all a bit much, something that your brand isn’t ready for yet, but these AR filters have been around on Instagram since 2017. It’s just only in the last 6 months that Instagram has opened it out to allow any AR creator to design, upload and distribute their very own AR filters.

What Is Instagram AR?

You are probably familiar with them already. Just think of that dog face filter with the tongue animation that everyone absolutely lost it over. They’re those exact same Instagram face filters that you have seen being used since 2017.  Those AR filters are just composed using 3D models and various effects that are layered over and tracked to your real-life face as it is being captured by your phone’s camera. Bear in mind now that these Instagram AR filters are quite a bit different and ultimately a good bit more advanced than the built-in image preset filters. The preset filters are the ones that change the overall look and colour of your photos before you publish them. The Instagram AR filters are a more interactive and engaging element that is utilised predominantly through Instagram Stories.

Why Use Instagram AR?

There really is so many different applications for these AR filters, they are applicable for so many different types of businesses. A general rule I would tend to go by is if your business is currently on Instagram and is looking for ways of increasing the attention it receives, particularly towards a millennial or youth audience, then an AR filter is going to be a good fit for your brand. To add to that if you are marketing a product that could be augmented to facilitate a virtual try on or you are looking to increase shareability of branded content for an event than an AR filter is a perfect fit for your brand. Remember, a third of Instagram Stories with the highest views were all from business accounts. Below we will discuss how your brand can leverage AR filters.

Convey Your Brand Or Aspects Of It

These filters are fun and engaging. You can literally do so much with them. It’s not just about getting your logo in a banner or making sure your brand colours are represented. The versatility is endless. They can be humorous, exciting, scary, visually amazing. Or all of the above. We always strive to create AR filters that reflect not only your brand tone, but also unique elements of your brand.

Create Deeper Connections & Widen Your Audience

In 2019 over 500 million users were engaging with Instagram Stories on a daily basis. It is reported that over 60% of business accounts are increasing their monthly engagement by incorporating an interactive element into their Instagram Stories. Whilst you are not really permitted to upload promotional filters, if you incorporate your logo or mascot into the filter its usually okay. Once you are listed in Instagram’s Effect Gallery, new followers will be able to find it. Every time a user shares an image using your AR filter you are widening your audience even further.

Stand Out From The Competition

These custom AR filters for Instagram are still very new and there are not that many brands who are using them, and even less who are using them to their highest potential. These filters can be used on a functional basis to serve a purpose such as a custom AR filter to create a virtual try on before making a purchase. Or they can be used to increase shareability of content leading up to or during an event. They don’t even have to be used solely for self-promotion. Your brand could create an AR filter to show support for a cause.