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How AR Filters Can Brings Memorable Customer Experiences

The immersive technology of AR is more engaging, touching customer emotions and bringing more memorable customer experiences to the next level.

The investment in AR for every industry has continuously grown. Companies become more aware in terms of a new innovation technology such as AR. It is believed that AR will bring an incredible impact to their business, especially for interaction between the company and customers. The power of AR has proven that it can amaze, entertain as well as give customers more information regarding the products or services. Many retailers are willing to spend their budget just to make AR filters a part of their marketing tool to promote their campaign.

AR has many real-world applications and it is transforming the brand-customer relationship. As a result, 71% of customers mentioned that the biggest influences to encourage them to shop is through the AR Filters since they thought that AR is very fun and make them curious regarding the products or services that lead them to the purchasing decision. Although some customers said that AR is just for entertainment, but still, in the end, it affects them to visit the company websites or social media.

Over the recent years, brands have begun to creatively adopt AR to enhance their customer experience. AR is able to overlay the digital features into reality to create a new perception of the world. However, do they have the potential to support businesses in regard to building and maintaining stronger customer relationship? And why customer experience is so important?

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Why Customer Experience is an Essential Aspect to All Businesses?

The basic part to make a successful business is from customer perspectives. No matter how good is your products or services, but if your business has no good brand awareness and brand image, It won’t work to gather greater profits. The most important part of attracting new customers is through long-term brand loyalty. Moreover, to reach those goals, it is simply just by building a great customer experience (CX). When customers have a memorable experience, most of them are ready to spend more on premium things of your products or services. However, obtaining in-depth knowledge about the customer is not something that just happens with one click. A company need to collect customers data and interpret it in a creative way that brings valuable insights correctly. Well, it does not need to be precise, but if businesses can manage it, the accuracy of the output might be more suitable to touch customer emotions, especially, predicting what customers really wants and needs.

Reasons Why Companies Need to be Aware of Investing in Customer Experience?

1. Customer Experience Is a new competition

I am pretty sure, No company want to get a bad reputation just because they threats the customers poorly. The company always provide a platform to enable customers to express their experiences, either through survey or feedback. It is believed that interaction after having a conversation with customer service will give a significant impact on the company future long-term relationship. 88% of companies prioritize customer experience as a part of their facilities. Therefore, no more doubt to invest it, if you want to have a positive customer experience for your business.

2. Omni-Channel Become More Prominent

Nowadays, the business competition is undeniably getting tighter. Thus, all companies try to interact with their customers in several different channels to see the behaviour of the customers. Multiple channels such as website, live chat, AR applications, social media and many more will influences people to get a better experience. Although it is so challenging for businesses, the good execution of this investment will help the company to get better revenues. An example of this thing is Adobe has proven a record that companies with stronger omnichannel customer engagement have increased the average of sales.

3. Mobile Customer Experience Is A Major Influences

The biggest devices that have been used by people around the world is mobile devices. Thus, a company need to consider doing mobile optimization to give an amazing customer experience. The reason for this statement is very simple. A bad mobile experience can seriously ruin your brand image. So when it comes to a business, It is no surprise that most of the companies who mention that their business is customer-centric are now more focusing on mobile customer experience.

4. Happy Customer, Good Brand Image!

There Is one quote that said one mistake will bury a thousand kindness. it’s true! Your customers tend to share their bad experiences with others just because you did one mistake. Even though you provide a positive customer experience 9 out of 10, but people tend to pay attention to the bad comments regarding your products or services. Therefore, investing in customer experience tools will help you to tackle the problem.

AR Filters takes customer experience to next level

AR Filters able to bring a memorable customer experience, since the sophistication of the technology has brought a new impression that customers never feel before. the 3D try-on feature will enable people to try it from a different angle. Although it seems like virtual things, customer can get a real-life-like experience. Here’s some reason why AR Filters can touch customer emotions that lead to memorable experiences.

1. Eliminate the uncertainty before purchasing a product

it is so irritating when people buy an online product but the result is not like what they are expected. Especially in this situation such as COVID-19, people tend to shop online and they cannot try the product physically. With AR filters, people can get an experience that they have never seen before like ‘Try Before Buy’. Brands can develop interactive marketing by using AR filters. Moreover, companies can use AR to give a visual representation regarding their products or services for the customers that able to boost customer satisfaction.

2. Provide an in-depth information with an innovative way

AR Filters can help the brand to deliver in-depth information about their products or services in a creative way. For example, Adidas has launched their new products using AR Filters, which provides the customer with the information about benefits, functions, and the feature using the concept of AR Space concept, which is very engaging in a customer perspectives.

3. Create an effective real-time interaction

It cannot be denied that most of the customers are impatient to wait when they really want something. Since the nature of AR Filters is online in social media, it eases customer to interact more with the brand. Moreover, it’s not just with the brand but also the interaction between customers to other customers. The convenience of AR to share the content in a second will also bring a positive brand experience among the customers.

4. Add more insights using an interactive technology

There are many ways to build a customer experience by using AR. Many of you may think to promote a campaign with AR is just providing a filter. However, the innovative way of AR is broader. Brands can also make AR games filters to comfort the customers and still engaging.

AR Filters Benefits For A Brand

  1. Vast Audience Engagement – interactive AR Filters will help brands to interact directly with them and customers get more connection eventually. AR Filters also give fun entertainment that enables people to experience the products or services and discover new offers that they have never seen before.
  2. Brand Awareness – Brand awareness is the priority of the company to engage more with their products. Therefore, with AR Filters, a company can improve the brand awareness regarding their campaign by showing them a creative new technology of marketing. Moreover, AR Filters will improve the word of mouth instantly, since AR Filters happens in real-time.
  3. Customer Confident – by providing an interactive service through AR Filters, customers will be more confident to make a decision, as the experience is more realistic.

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