The market for attention has shifted beyond likes and hashtags, they have become more and more irrelevant. At the end of the day it’s engagement that counts. And now through Facebook AR filters brands have a new and amazingly underutilized opportunity to interact with and develop stronger audience relationships.

We have experience creating AR social experiences! We have developed branded selfie filters to 3D AR filter experiences and even the latest randomizer AR filters. We can help you to increase the engagement on your next social media marketing campaign.

Addidas AR effect

If one of your brands primary social channels is the Facebook platform, then it’s probably likely that you don’t need to be told how effective they can be for engaging an audience as well as cultivating new followers on Facebook.

Instagram AR
Instagram AR

Facebook AR brings augmented reality into reach for every brand regardless of size. It provides a very cost effective way to get involved with this new technology and provide a unique and interactive experience for your audience.

What Is Facebook AR?

You have most likely seen it a number of times before, at least on another platform. Like that dog face filter with the tongue animation that everyone seemed to love. It’s the exact same AR filters that you have seen since around 2017. These AR filters are created by layering 3D models and other effects and augmenting them into the real world, all through your phone camera. These Facebook AR filters are not the same as the buit in image presets that change the overall look and colour of your photos.

Instagram AR

Why Use Facebook AR?

There are a number of different applications for these Facebook AR filters, they can be used by most types of businesses. If your business is on Facebook and you are looking for new ways of increasing you audience engagement, particulary toward a millennial or youth audience, then a Facebook AR filter would be a great fit for your brand. Additionally if you are looking to promote a product that could be augmented to create a virtual try on on or if you wish to increase the shareability of your branded content for or at an event, then an AR filter could be perfect.  Below we will adress how you can leverage these AR filters for your brand.

Instagram AR

Convey Your Brand Style & Tone

Facebook AR filters are both fun and engaging. There are an endless amount of ideas that can be deployed. It goes so much further than your logo or including brand colours. The versatility of this technology is endless. These filters can be humour based, exciting, scary or astonishing. We strive to create AR filters that not only reflect elements of your brand but also your unique tone and style.

Connect On A Deeper Level & Grow Your Audience

Nearly every age demographic is on Facebook to some capacity. There’s no disputing it’s still the biggest platform and it’s not going anywhere. It has been reported over 60% of business accounts have been growing their monthly engagement by incorporating different interactive elements into their stories. Facebook is much more leniant than Instagram with regards to what it allows you to upload. The larger file size limits and less stringent static object placement rules means that you can create more detailed and audience specific AR filters. This is particularly usefull when developing an AR game filter. Anytime a user shares an image that is using your AR filter you’re further widening your audience.

Stand Out From The Noise

Custom AR filters for Facebook are still relatively new and there aren’t too many brands using them, and even less using them to their maximum potential. These AR filters can be used to serve a more functional experience, such as a custom AR filter to create a virtual try on AR filter. Alternatively they can be used to increase shares of event-based content, either leading up to or during an event. AR filters don’t have to be used for self promotion they can be used to show supprt for a cause.

Types Of Facebook AR Filters?

When it comes to Facebook AR filters, the majority of them often fall into one type or another, with some of them even combining multiple types, creating quite a detailed AR experience for the user. From simple face paint AR filters to the more complex types of filters with 3D animations that are tracked, to the highly custom AR game filters. There is a number of different AR filter types to choose from, which Facebook is continuously pushing what is possible with constant updates and more features,

Instagram AR filters

Face Paint AR Filter Effect

These tend to be simpler AR camera effects to produce and are still very widely used. These types of filters are particularly well suited for supporting the promotion of and to increase the on the day engagement for events. They can also be rather effective for spreading awarness of different causes as well as providing a mechanism for followers to show support regardless of geographical location.

AR camera effect
Addidas AR effect

3D Object Tracking AR Effects

These AR filters can encompass a wide range of filters. In fact the majority of brand filters that you come across, usually tend to at least involve this type of AR filter. You can sometimes get premade models that might suit, or on occasion these model can be tweaked for purpose, but really the sky is the limit when it comes to these filters. The very best AR filters that utilise 3D object tracking tend to make use of custom 3D models and animation sequences that provide a unique branded filter with a more polished and proffessional feel.

Game AR Camera Effects

These game AR filters are much less common due to the complexity of developing them. They require scripting and game logic and can’t be done solely with the patch editor. However, the additional effort in development is certainly well reflected in the notably larger engagement that typically results from these executions. There are a few types of basic games that can be created, with the main controls requiring a head tilt or an eye blink. These game AR camera effects can be amplified further when used as an entry mechanism for a competition.

Instagram AR Game

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