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Augmented Reality: Cool AR Filter Inspiration

AR filters are one of the newest ways to connect customers with brands through social media.

AR filters are not really that new to anyone at this stage. Many of us are already using them quite frequently in our everyday lives, mostly just for a bit of fun, and to stave off the boredom. I’m sure you have already come across a branded AR filter and can see how effective social AR could be and how much potential it has to offer brands trying to reach their customers in a new way. So if you could use some cool AR filter inspiration you will find some good examples below.

Social AR filters are the latest innovation that can be used as a social media marketing tool for businesses to promote themselves to newer audiences and demographics. There are two main aspects when it comes to any successful marketing campaign. These two main aspects are reach and engagement. Before you plan your campaign, you need to consider who is your target audience, what social media they use the most, what content they like, their different preferences, and so on. You may do a great job producing content, but if you miss your target, all your amazing content is useless.

Brands have become increasingly interested in AR. Not just because of the cost now being much more affordable, but also because it has become much more accessible, with the distribution piece being taken care of by the social media platforms. This has now made it so much easier to use AR as a tool for reaching the customer in a more interactive and memorable way.

Why AR Filters are one of the most effective tools for promoting your business?

Generally, we tend to notice graphic content such as images, videos and gifs the most, they just stand out in the news feed, they’re eye-catching and generally more engaging. AR filters work in a similar way. They are just more interactive and can captivate the imagination of the consumer. Its been shown that AR filters have an average use time of approximately 75 secs. Users tend to use the filters more than two times, most likely to get the best result from different angles. Moreover, there are no boundaries for AR filters with many going viral, in part due to their highly shareable nature.

Cool AR Filter Inspiration

AR Filters enable brands to provide a memorable branded experience to their audience at a lower production cost than it once was. With the advancement of technology, AR Filters can generate organic results in an interesting and valuable way. Here are some AR Filters we think are fun and cool.

1. Polaroid x Rafael.xl

If you are a child of the 90’s and get super nostalgic when you find your old polaroid photos, then this is the AR camera effect for you! You might have a high-tech camera in your mobile device that you can use to take high-quality photos. However, I’m pretty sure that you will appreciate the retro look of the polaroid. Well, now you can get some of that feeling without having to acquire an actual polaroid camera to get those retro shots. This augmented reality filter will get you similar results to what you would expect.

AR Filter

2. Flight Of Wonder Woman x Warner Bros

Who doesn’t like DC Characters? It is undeniable all generations can appreciate a cool AR filter like this, especially when it’s Wonder Woman. The famous DC movie starring Gal Gadot has been rocking the world. This AR game filter is a particularly good example of an AR filter that is sure to engage. It is very useful for promoting events such as a new film launch. It can be used to generate excitement among the target audience. Challenge yourself to play this game and prove to the world that you should have been Wonder Woman.

IG AR game filter

3. Drifting Car x Hits Madura

Do you remember Rally Fury on PlayStation or Nintendo? If your answer is yes, then you need to give yourself a go on one of these AR game filters. Unlike with PlayStation or Nintendo where you are using your hands and a controller to navigate the track, this game it is slightly different. Users need to place their faces in front of the camera and use tilt their heads from left to right to steer the car. This game is very simple but is surprisingly tricky when you try it. The sophisticated looks that can be achieved can really add to the final output of these AR game filters. Furthermore, these AR game filters often generate better results giving brands a chance to promote their new product releases through these AR filters.

instagram AR game filter

4. TAROT x Scoot Peace

Whether you believe in the age-old traditions of fortune telling and the use of Tarot or not, this filter still is a very interesting example of taking a tried and tested filter option and then repurposing it in an original way to create something that feels authentic. The way these AR filters work is you just need to place your face in front of your camera and the tarot card will begin to flick through landing on one at random. Or is it? Naturally, we will leave that part up to you but even if you aren’t super knowledgeable on this sort of stuff they do include some simplistic interpretations. And at the very least, it looks cool.

randomiser AR filter

5. Eyeshadow Color Change x 17b

Tiktok is one of the most commonly used social media platforms out of them all. And it’s no surprise that TikTok is booming these days. People from all around the world are using it to make content, for both fun and to promote their brand. Trying out different makeup looks has always been lots of fun, so why not have an AR filter that lets the user try on different makeup looks? This eyeshadow camera effect does just that. This Tiktok AR filter allows the user to change the colour of their eyeshadow in seconds. This type of AR filter effect would be highly effective for any business operating within the make-up industry.

AR Beauty Filter

6. Scorchin x Pringles

I think everyone is familiar with Pringles. Comfort food of kings and one of the favorite go-to companions for any movie-watching experience wherever that may be. Pringles launched this cool AR game filter to promote the release of their latest flavor. It is a fun AR game filter that people can play and engage further with the brand.

AR Game Filter

7. Minesweeper x Enuriru

If you were born in the 1990s, you might be familiar with this game. This AR game filter is based on the old PC computer game that we have all played many times no doubt. Minesweeper is basically a bomb hunting game where you could explode at any minute, press the wrong area and it’s all over, the game that is. It was super addictive and now you can play it in this AR game filter and show all your friends how cool and retro you are when you post it in your next Instagram story. Although this is a simple game, it’s the simple ones that really translate well into AR filters. You will never get bored of this game.

Instagram AR game filter

8. Travel x Yanka Onuchina

These AR travel filters have become a bit of a trend now. I know that everybody is missing traveling around the world. However, Due to the COVID situation, most people are not able to travel anywhere, since of the inherent danger and all the different country travel restrictions. Although these AR Filters are very simple, people still appreciate a creative new use for them. Thus, this effect worked very well with captivating those people who were really missing the adventure. It is a great idea for any travel-based or tourism-related business. They could very easily add this AR Filter as part of their social strategy.

AR Travel Filter

Hopefully, there was enough cool AR filter inspiration for you. But if you need more, be sure to check out some of our other posts showcasing some notable examples of social AR

Augmented Reality: Cool AR Filter Inspiration

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