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Best TikTok AR Filter & TikTok Ad Uses for Different Industries

Since the death of Vine back in 2016 there really was no platform that was focused on the creation of short form user generated content. Until TikTok came bursting on to scene enthusiastically filling that gap in the market. With the combination of its unparalleled popularity, its younger audience, and general informal vibe, brands and advertising agencies have been desperate to take advantage of this totally new and exciting marketing opportunity.

Now TikTok is still really honing in its offering for brands and advertisers, but what is clear is that it plans to use its dynamic personal tone to present a level of trustworthiness that so many social platforms have lost at this stage. And with TikTok’s massive push into augmented reality through their AR filters, it’s no wonder why brands feel like they can’t afford to overlook this new social marketing tool.

In this article we will discuss the different TikTok ad options available as well as looking at the different types of TikTok AR filters that brands could be using to promote themselves to this new younger demographic.

TikTok for Business Advertising Options

1. Brand Takeover

Brand Takeover ads are basically the ads that you see popping up in the user feed. These typically are in the form of a full screen video that will play straight away after opening the TikTok app.

Probably the most unique feature of the TikTok platform, and one that for sure has helped to create its notoriously addictive consumption qualities, is that the videos will start to play the second the app is open. In order to get to the search page where users can select specific videos or hashtags they’re interested in, they have to click away from the running video feed. Any ads that pop up on this feed are pretty desirable as you know that the viewer will definitely see it. Brand takeover ads can also include links to Hashtag Challenges as well as to external websites landing pages.

Video content used for these Brand Takeover ads are typically 3-5 seconds long. Users will only be shown a single Brand takeover ad each day which drives up the price of this format due to its exclusivity.

2. TopView ads

The TopView ad format is sort of similar to the brand takeovers. They also will be shown when the TikTok app is opened, they can also include links, however these videos can be up to 60 seconds in runtime. What this means is that brands can very easily design a TopView ad to resemble any other TikTok video, particularly if they choose to partner with a known influencer to promote their brand.

3. In-Feed ads

In-Feed ads will be displayed randomly at any point while the user is scrolling through the “For You” section on the TikTok home screen.

The video itself can be up to 15 seconds in length, but the user can swipe away from the video at any stage. One of the main advantages of this ad format is that you can include more than one CTA. In addition to this users can actually interact with it like a normal post using likes, comments and shares.

4. Branded Hashtag Challenge

We’ve all seen them, we all love them and I’m sure we have all shamelessly tried them at one point or another. I am talking about Hashtag challenges obviously. These will be displayed directly on the TikTok Discover screen and are possibly one of the most popular features of TikTok. They were one of the main features that contributed to its rapid growth seeing influencers and creatives flocking to the platform to get in on the act.

Branded Hashtag Challenges are a super fun way that brands can interact with users. They are useful for creating a connection that feels a bit more authentic with regard to the general social media landscape that has become highly curated and manufactured.

Brands that can successfully assimilate into TikTok through entertaining hashtag challenges and trends can increase their reach and awareness at exponential speed.

5. Branded effects

One of the quickest and simplest ways to start promoting your brand on TikTok is through custom branded effects which include AR filters and AR lenses.

TikTok creators are then able to use these AR filters to create their content. Branded effects can be promoted for up to 10 days. There are so many good examples of TikTok AR filters that will help to get your creative juices flowing when it comes to creating your own. We also will often help brands to conceptualise their AR filters but it’s always useful for them to have an initial vision or an idea of the type of filter they want to create.  

Below are a few TikTok AR filter examples that really showcase how brands from a variety of different industries can use TikTok AR filters to reach a newer demographic on social media. One that promotes the sharing of creative user generated branded content

1. Fitness AR Filter

This is hands down one of our favourite TikTok AR filters that falls into the fitness niche. This effect was created by a P.E teacher to promote fitness and to highlight how physical education doesn’t need a load of equipment. It can be done at home with body weight and it can be totally fun as well.

This AR game filter takes a push up challenge and totally gamifies the experience. In order to play the game, users get themselves into a push up position and then they lower or raise their body to move a ball through a maze. The aim of the game is to see how long you can last.

2. Beauty AR Filters

If there is one industry that has really led the charge when it comes to the integration of AR into their social media marketing campaigns, it would have to be that of the beauty industry. This is even more evident when you see just how many AR beauty filters there are already on Instagram. Despite there being a lot of good beauty AR filters on IG there aren’t as many on TikTok presenting a clear gap that could be capitalized on.

There are lots of options available when it comes to what you could do with a TikTok beauty effect. Simple make up try on filters, different lash try on filters, full contouring and hair colour change effects. These can be used to create realistic looks for virtual try on, or they can be used for more themed or theatrical-based applications.

Best TikTok AR Filter

3. Entertainment AR FIlters

TikTok AR filters for the entertainment industry have been utilised highly effectively in a number of marketing campaigns over the last few years. It’s no surprise as they are great for immersing the user with certain elements, whilst also encouraging them to share them increasing the overall reach.

To raise awareness for the release of a show called Sing On, Netflix Germany decided to use a TikTok AR filter paired with a Hashtag Challenge. The AR filter featured a virtual karaoke for the users to use while singing, creating the effect that the user’s were in a karaoke booth. The campaign generated over 600 million video views in just 10 days.

@electra_pain Anzeige | Ich liebe Karaoke 🎤 Ob Gesangstalent oder nicht, der Effekt macht echt Spaß 😍👏 Bin gespannt auf eure Videos! 💕 #NetflixDE #SingOnGermany ♬ Originalton – Electra Pain

4. Retail AR Filters

The last industry, one that could not be left out, would have to be the retail industry. TikTok AR Filters are perfect when it comes to promoting a brand and a new product, especially when targeting a younger audience or looking to increase your brand exposure on TikTok.

We could not leave out this AR effect created by the over-the-counter cough medicine brand Mucinex from our list of TikTok AR examples.

This TikTok filter from Mucinex was a highly unexpected and very unconventional (but very successful) AR campaign. This Mucinex AR filter was built around a dance and hashtag challenge called #BeatTheZombieFunk. The filter challenged users to copy the brand’s zombie dance or else add their own moves. All whilst dancing beside an AR “Mr Mucus,” the brand mascot. This campaign ended up generating almost 6 billion views and more than 500,000 user-generated videos, with a 60.4% increase in ad recall.

@nelita_v No to Mucus. @twitchtok7 #BeatTheZombieFunk #foryoupage #fyp #dance #dancechallenge #dancer #viral #duet #workout #fitness #dancelife ♬ #BeatTheZombieFunk – DJ Nightshift

Due to the interactive nature of the platform, TikTok users are well accustomed to playing with AR effects. Whatever industry you are in there are plenty of options for you to create the best TikTok AR filter for your TikTok strategy.

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