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Best Christmas Web AR Experiences Of 2022

It’s that time of the year again! The Christmas season is upon us, and there are so many ways to get into the festive spirit all thanks to some truly inspiring Christmas Web AR experiences. From virtual Christmas displays to Christmas AR games, you can have endless holiday fun through Web AR technology.

In this article, we’ve compiled a list of 10 Web AR experiences that will surely put you in the Christmas mood. Simply grab your device and start exploring these immersive and interactive experiences. Have fun!

Food & Beverage Web AR

Countdown To Christmas With Pepsi & Doritos Web AR Advent Calendar

The Doritos advent calendar is an interactive digital experience that allows users to access a variety of activities, offers, and promo codes each day of the month leading up to the holiday season. To access the surprise for each day, users must tap on the corresponding date on the calendar. They will then be taken to one of the many experiences available, which may include gamified face filters, digital crackers with jokes or special Doritos recipes, and discounts on other Doritos products that can be purchased on Amazon or eBay. Users can access the advent calendar through their physical calendar using a QR code or via a link shared on Doritos’ social media channels.

Customers can access the Advent calendar experience in a few different ways:

  1. Scanning the QR code found on their physical Advent calendar.
  2. Following a link shared on Doritos’ social media channels.

Regardless of how they access it, the web AR experience is open to all customers.

McDonald’s Christmas Web AR Experience

Put those festive decorating skills to the test

For their Christmas campaign this year, McDonald’s UK with Leo Burnett developed a Web AR experience that allows customers to add virtual decorations such as lights, reindeer, trees, and snowmen to their local McDonald’s restaurant and their own homes. The AR experience is part of the #ReindeerReady campaign and can be accessed through the McDonald’s mobile app and promoted through social media and online advertising.

Christmas Web AR
mc donalds christmas web ar

To access the McDonald’s Christmas Web AR experience, customers can open the McDonald’s mobile app and tap on the #ReindeerReady banner. By pointing their phone at their local restaurant or home, they can see virtual decorations like lights, reindeer, trees, and snowmen come to life. Users can also snap a photo of their loved ones within the festive scene and share it on social media.

This interactive AR experience is part of McDonald’s UK’s “Alternative Christmas List” campaign, which emphasizes celebrating the little moments and special people that make the holiday season memorable.

LINDT’s Web AR Advent Calendar

Lindt’s TEDDY advent calendar has a special surprise behind each of its small doors: not just chocolate, but also a series of 24 episodes featuring a Christmas story with the Lindt TEDDY family, told through augmented reality.

To access the WebAR experience, customers can use their smartphones to scan the QR code on the back of the advent calendar and point their phone at the calendar. This will activate the Lindt TEDDY family’s story, which is told in 24 episodes, one for each day of the advent calendar. Customers can open a new door each day to watch the next part of the story.

CocaCola Christmas Web AR Experience

To mark the holiday season, Coca-Cola Freestyle has created a Web AR experience that lets users transform any location into a winter wonderland using 8th Wall technology from Niantic. Users can add various festive elements to their AR scene, such as snow, Christmas trees, gifts, snowmen, and Coca-Cola Freestyle drinks.

Coca-Cola Freestyle has created an augmented reality (AR) experience that allows users to create a snowy scene and take a “social selfie” within it. This interactive feature is intended to help Coca-Cola Freestyle connect with its customers during the holiday season. By using this AR experience, users can take a photo of themselves within a virtual environment that includes a snowy setting and a Coca-Cola Freestyle drink.

Try it here.

Corona Extra Brings TV Campaign To Life Through Christmas Web AR Experience

To celebrate the holiday season, Corona Extra has launched an augmented reality (AR) experience called the O’Tannenpalm’s Tree Lot. This immersive AR experience transports users into a Corona-themed winter wonderland and offers interactive features that aim to bring “La Vida Más Fina” (the finer life) into users’ homes. The AR experience allows users to experience a festive atmosphere and participate in holiday-themed activities within a virtual environment.

Corona Extra’s O’Tannenpalm’s Tree Lot is an augmented reality (AR) experience that users can access using their smartphones. The experience allows users to explore and interact with holiday elements within a virtual environment. To access the grand finale of the experience, users must introduce a real bottle of Corona to the AR scene. The O’Tannenpalm’s Tree Lot also includes festive music, lights, snow, and limes, and users can audition a virtual holiday palm in their own space. Additionally, users can enter to win a real, 10-inch decorated mini-tree by participating in the instant win game/sweepstakes. Users can also visit the gift shop within the AR experience and purchase Feliz Navidad merchandise. The O’Tannenpalm’s Tree Lot experience is inspired by Corona Extra’s iconic “O’Tannenpalm” commercial, which has aired during the holiday season since 1990. It aims to put a refreshing spin on classic holiday traditions.

Jameson’s Web AR Tree Game

To celebrate the holiday season, Jameson has created a virtual augmented reality (AR) game called the Virtual AR Tree. This game is designed to help people connect with friends and loved ones in a new way by inviting them to “widen the circle” and participate in the game together.

Jameson’s Virtual AR Tree game is played by placing a virtual tree into the user’s world and watching and repeating color sequences to earn points. After completing the game, users can enter a prize draw to win a Jameson 12-day Advent Calendar, a Jameson Christmas Jumper, or a Bow St. Cocktail Making Class for themselves and three friends. The available prizes may vary depending on the player’s location, and players in Ireland may be able to enter a prize tier based on their score and play again to improve their chances of winning. Users can choose to keep the prize for themselves or gift it to a friend if they are selected as the lucky winner.

Web AR In Retail

Tissot’s “Gift Of Time Factory” Christmas Web AR Experience

Luxury watch brand Tissot has created a virtual experience called the “Gift of Time Factory,” which enables customers to customize and send a personalized gift to their loved ones.

Tissot’s “Gift of Time Factory” is a virtual experience that customers can access using their smartphones in their mobile browser. When accessing the experience, a portal appears in front of the customer, leading to the Tissot Gift of Time factory. Inside the factory, gift boxes are carried by conveyor belts under a glass roof. Users can interact with levers and buttons to customize their own Tissot gift, choosing a watch, gift wrap, ribbon, and signing their gift. Once the gift is customized, it can be shared with a loved one and sent to the factory for delivery. The virtual gift is placed on the conveyor belt and sent through the portal. The factory is located in the village of Le Locle.

Tissot’s “Gift of Time Factory” virtual experience allows the company to share its gifting traditions with customers both in store and at home. As the experience is web-based and does not require an app to be downloaded, customers from around the world and their loved ones can engage with the Tissot brand in a new and meaningful way. The virtual experience enables customers to customize and send a personalized gift to their loved ones using their smartphones. It is not clear from the information provided what specific features are available in the virtual experience or how it works.

Carrefour’s AR Toy Display

Carrefour has introduced a new augmented reality (AR) feature called Carrefour Juguetes 3D AR, which allows users to virtually interact with over 100 animated 3D toys in order to enhance the holiday shopping experience.

Customers can use their smartphone or tablet to virtually place a 3D model of a toy in their physical space and interact with it using the Carrefour Juguetes 3D AR feature. They can rotate, translate, and scale the model to get a sense of the toy and its features before making a purchase. Additionally, they can capture images and record videos of their experience to share on social media with friends and family.

Web AR in Beauty

Get Some Christmas Spirit With Urban Decay’s Web AR Game

Now I don’t know about you, but nothing says Christmas like stopping an alien invasion. That must have been why Urban Decay partnered up with LA-based artist and animator Robin Eisenberg to release a special edition ‘Naked x Robin Eisenberg’ Eyeshadow Palette and a new web AR browser-based augmented reality game called ‘Beamin’ Up’ in celebration of the holiday season. The Web AR game creates a fun and memorable experience based on the brand and its new product release.

christmas web aar

The web AR game “Beamin’ Up” from Urban Decay and Robin Eisenberg allows users to shoot down incoming aliens and share their high scores on social media using the hashtag #UDRobinEisenberg. Players can aim, beam, and power up in the game and then download personalized assets to share their “Vibe Score” with others.

Urban Decay has launched its first interactive web AR game, called “Beamin’ Up,” which can be accessed through point of sale locations or on the packaging of the limited edition ‘Naked x Robin Eisenberg Eyeshadow Palette.’ The game is also available to play on Urban Decay’s website. This offers customers the opportunity to try out the game either in store or at home, and share their experiences and high scores on social media using the hashtag #UDRobinEisenberg.

Lancôme’s Web AR App Featuring Ready Player Me

To promote their partnership with artist Richard Orlinski, Lancôme has released an immersive augmented reality (AR) experience for the holiday season. Using the Web AR platform and their Ready Player Me avatar, customers can access the virtual Lancôme AR boutique and browse products from the comfort of their own home.

To access the Lancôme AR experience, customers can use their smartphones to visit the virtual boutique through their mobile browser. Once there, they can create and customize their own Ready Player Me avatar. The boutique appears in miniature in their physical space, and they can explore the three floors of the boutique by controlling their avatar. While exploring, they can learn more about Lancôme’s products and the brand’s partnership with Richard Orlinski, and they will also receive promo codes that can be used on the Lancôme e-commerce website.

By incorporating Ready Player Me avatars into their AR experience, Lancôme is able to provide customers with a personalized and unique shopping experience. The avatars allow the brand to connect with its customers on a deeper level by inviting them into the Lancôme universe and allowing them to customize their own digital representations. This adds an additional layer of customization to the experience and helps the iconic French luxury brand connect with its audience in a more meaningful way.

The Lancôme AR experience combines the iconic, faceted style of artist Richard Orlinski with the brand’s visual identity to create a memorable and cohesive brand experience. This merging of styles helps to create a unique and engaging shopping experience that is sure to be remembered by customers.

Lancôme’s AR experience allows the brand to share positivity, beauty, and elegance with its customers during the holiday season, both in store and from the comfort of their own homes. As the experience is web-based and does not require the download of an app, customers can easily engage with the brand in a new and meaningful way. This provides a convenient and accessible way for customers to connect with Lancôme and experience the brand’s values and offerings during the festive season.

Try it out here.

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