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At Last, The TikTok AR Effect House Is Here

At last, TikTok has finally rolled out its very own augmented reality effects tool known as the TikTok AR Effect House. This platform is similar to Instagram and Snapchat, allowing any creator or developer to create and distribute their very own TikTok AR filters. This came after a very long beta test that we were lucky enough to take part in.

The AR Effect House gives AR developers the toolkit required to make TikTok AR camera effects that can then be published and distributed through the TikTok platform so that they can be used by other TikTok users to create their own content.

In an announcement, the company stated that the AR effects platform will be accessible to “all creators, designers, and developers from around the world” and will include various tools and resources.

“Whether you’re teleporting into new worlds with Green Screen or freeze-framing with Time Warp Scan, creative effects empower creators to express themselves, entertain, and share stories through a wide array of engaging and immersive formats,” the company wrote.

TikTok has already highlighted how any submitted AR filters will be subject to a set of guidelines in order for them to be approved for public distribution. TikTok specifically said it will prohibit any AR effects that “promote colorism or negative stereotypes against protected groups” and any AR filters that “depict cosmetic surgery, such as lip fillers, or encourage scrutiny of someone’s appearance.”

AR filters such as Green Screen are now a staple in popular TikTok content, and creators will often use certain effects to make videos as part of a trend. TikTok has claimed that there are over 1.5 billion videos using AR camera effects that have managed to rack up well over 600 billion views across the world.

Ultimately TikTok is just following in the footsteps of all the other platforms that have already released these tools a good few years ago at this stage, so in a sense, they are just catching up. Snapchat and Instagram released pretty similar AR development tools over the last several years, with some of these AR effects really catching on and gaining virality through the organic use from celebrity and influencer pages.

If you’re interested in how you can use TikTok AR filters to gain more exposure through these newer social platforms and how you can begin to target these new demographics with these more interactive forms of branded experience then get in touch!

What are TikTok filters? And why are these TikTok effects a total game-changer?

TikTok’s rise has been absolutely meteoric. Most certainly spurred on as a result of the pandemic where we witnessed millions and millions of people flocking to the social platform either to kill boredom, consume information, or promote their businesses.

This new format of short-form content distribution that TikTok brought into the mainstream has been designed to create some sort of a time vortex. People can lose hours scrolling through the plethora of captivating video content and using it’s various creation tools. The best one of these tools would most definitely have to be the AR TikTok effects.

Why brands should be using TIKTOK’S ‘Effect House’

  1. TikTok was the most-visited website in 2021 and it now boasts well over 1 billion users. Yes with a “B”.
  2. TikTok Effect House is a great opportunity for brands to get in early on a new form of media. These early adopters will be able to generate the biggest reaches before TikTok effect creation becomes more mainstream.   
  3. Virality! It’s not uncommon for many of the TikTok Effects to just pop off. In general, they seem to be working well with millions of views happening for lots of effects on nearly a daily basis.  

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