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Most companies put a lot of time and effort into creating perfect products and services. No matter what the brand is all about, after coming up with the right products they will need the right marketing strategy – and one of the most effective marketing tools is animation videos. 

Animated videos are very effective. When used correctly, it can increase targeted traffic to your website in ways that text-based content alone cannot do.

Getting the best out of your business site

Use several media types if possible. Specifically, start incorporating animated videos as a marketing tool on your business website. Although animated videos require time and effort to create, you’re unlikely to create a video that goes viral on your first attempt. You’ll need some trial and error, incorporating different ideas and suggestions as you go before landing on the right formula.

What do the stats say?

Recent studies on video marketing by Smart Insights state that 83 per cent of marketers believe that video marketing is becoming more important. Additionally, about 53 per cent of viewers engage with a business after watching their marketing video. 

People now spend more time watching videos online than ever before. Customers enjoy watching visual content and can process videos 60,000 times faster than text. This is particularly true of moving images, and animation, especially, immediately grabs viewers’ attention.

Animated videos are great at increasing user engagement and brand awareness. They can also be effective at driving purchases on your website, increasing your conversion rate. 

Why your business website needs animation

Looking at the evidence, it’s clear that online customers prefer animated videos to long blocks of text. But that’s not the only reason to include animated content on your website.

1. Increase the retention rate of your audience

The retention rate of the audience is the amount of time they spend watching videos or viewing other digital media on your website. There are various reliable tools you can use to observe this data, such as Google Analytics, Kissmetrics, or viewing the data on YouTube.

2. They’re easier to understand

Using animations to promote your products and services, particularly whiteboard animation or 2d animation, makes the qualities of your products simpler for your customers to understand. You can break down how a product works in a digestible way by using an animation video.

If you have complex products, explaining them using text can be challenging, both for you and your audience. Your customers may be reluctant to spend the time required to properly engage with the text. It’s more effective to bring that idea to life by using an animated video. Animations are great at conveying complex technical messages or ideas, presenting them in an accessible way. 

3. Animated videos are more engaging

Remember when you were a kid, how you’d be glued to the TV for hours, watching cartoons? This is because there’s something unique about animation that grabs the attention of viewers. The Simpsons, during their peak, had 13 million viewers per episode, most of them adults. Similarly, Family Guy had impressive viewer numbers, up 12 million adults. 

In the same way that cartoons aim to grab the attention of viewers, your marketing strategies should also try to grab attention through fun and entertainment. Animation is mostly used as a means of entertainment, rather than a marketing tool, and consumers are therefore instinctively more likely to pay attention to animation rather than traditional marketing videos.

Not only are animated videos great for telling stories and connecting with an audience, they also have endless possibilities. You don’t need to make them realistic or accurate; they can be imaginative, fun, and creative. You can use them to show the personality of your brand and build an ongoing connection with your audience.

4. Improve the credibility of your brand

As an online business owner, credibility is crucial for your success. Carrying out your business dealings fairly and ethically is the most important aspect of maintaining credibility, but you can also build and develop credibility with your customers by using your website to offer them quality content. 

When you make animated videos that address the issues or ideas that your customers find most important, you will improve your credibility and gain more visitors. A good animation will go a long way toward helping you to achieve your business goals.

5. Quality customers

If your animated videos are interesting and engaging, you can generate more relevant leads for your company. By creating content that is customer based and addresses the issues that matter to your audience, you’ll increase the quality of your leads and attract people that are more likely to purchase from you. 

That way, you build brand loyalty, and you can sell your products to these people for several years to come instead of relying on one-off purchases.

6. Increase your ROI

Having a good return on investment is one of the most significant goals of any business owner. Every business owner wants to spend the right amount of money on things that will provide a good return on investment, and spend less on those things that do not give a good return. With relatively low overheads, animated videos offer a great ROI, given their strong marketing potential. 

7. You’ll stand out amongst the crowd

One sure thing is that animation videos are unique! Because you can use the video in various ways, including through social media, it’s more likely to go viral, keeping you miles ahead of your competitors. Once you have an idea, you can easily create the right animation video to go with it. You only need to get a great video production team to help you.

Bottom line

Whether you’re a new online business owner or you’ve been on the scene for a long time, take advantage of animated videos when marketing. These videos are effective marketing tools, capable of promoting your products, business, and goals.

Animation offers you the perfect medium to communicate your message; it allows you to speak directly to your audience on a personal level. Use it to provide incentives, encourage shares on social media channels, and increase client loyalty.

These videos are powerful marketing tools, and they’re a great way to connect with customers, make them remember your brand, engage new visitors, and increase conversions.

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