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7 AR Filters We Love Right Now

AR filters are one of the latest ways to connect customers and brands through social media platforms.

The word augmented reality has become much more commonplace recently. Predominantly as a result of its adoption by the large social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat and TikTok for their AR camera effects and AR filters.

The visibility of Augmented Reality filters across our favorite social media apps is only increasing since AR filters for Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram Stories, or even TikTok are nearly everywhere you scroll on your newsfeeds and timelines. The various colour changing effects, the AR game filters, the 3D object tracking filters and all the other effects are easy to pick according to your preference. Through AR filters, you can create new experiences that you can post directly on your social media account.

The types of AR filters are very broad and they can be applied to almost all B2C industries and even some B2B applications. Everything from games to music to fashion to recruitment and everything in between. They aren’t all just for fun, many are highly effective at promoting brands and products and getting more engagement from customers. Now brands are even competing with each other to implement these new marketing tools as a part of their real-time interaction with their customers.

The trend of AR filters seemed to nearly pop up overnight, so in case you haven’t had a chance to find too many examples of your own or if you are just looking to get some ideas, here is our list of 7 AR Filters we love right now.

1. Dancing Chips Ahoy

I’m pretty sure everyone loves cookies. So who wouldn’t love this Dancing Chip filter? I mean it’s a filter with a cookie dancing. What’s particularly interesting is how they managed to get this cookie to dance, when cookies don’t have hips. I’m not saying that it looks real but I am saying that it looks delicious. All you need to do is turn the back camera on your mobile on and the filter places Chip on the nearest flat surface. The dancing cookie will perform for you. This filter was created for national cookie day to celebrate the people’s love for cookies and also to raise awareness of Chips Ahoy’s “Chip” character.

Instagram AR filter

2. RIMON EP Cover

Some of you might be familiar with the Dutch musician RIMON. A young talented artist from Amsterdam who used an AR filter to promote the release of her latest EP. The Instagram AR filter was designed based on the EP artwork and allowed the user to make their own version with themselves in it. The filter was very simple to use. You also can record yourself using the filter while her music plays in the background. Whether you are a big fan of RIMON or not, make sure to try this filter.

3. Puma Ryder Global

Are you a fan of the fast and then furious? If your answer is yes then this AR game filter will be a hit with you. However, this filter is not for fast and furious movies. This Instagram AR game filter was made for the promotion of the new PUMA Rider shoe. The user steers the car with their head to avoid obstacles and to collect PUMA shoes. If you catch the shoes, it will give you more points. This AR game is very fun and challenging since you are literally steering with your face. However, the sophisticated looks of this AR filter will make you feel like you’re playing some dystopian Tron or something.

PUMA AR Instagram Game Filter

4. Soccer Head

I think almost all lads love sports, and soccer is definitely up at the top. Whether you were good or not we all remember playing keepy-ups in the yard. Well this AR filter allows you to do just that. Bounce the ball with your head to score points. The more points the better. Fail to hit it with your head and it’s game over. It might look easy but it’s not actually as easy as you’d think and it’s a lot of fun

5. Recycling Non-Profit AR Game Filter

Recycling isn’t necesarily an industry that would immediately spring to mind when thinking about AR filters. However trying to reach younger demographics with relevant camapigns that make them appreciate the need for recycling is a high priority for anyone in the space. This Instagram AR game filter was a great way to create a new perspective for this audience in relation to recycling. The way the user plays this game is super simple, but like all game filters, is very fun and addictive. All you need to is move your head in front of your camera to catch the falling cans in the recycling bin. The more cans you catch, the more points you get. When you have completed a game and your score is awarded a different end screen is shown. These end screens contain messaging, telling the user what they could have recycled from collecting that many cans.

ECC IG AR Game Filter

6. Adidas 3D AR Filter

This is another great example of how brands can use an AR filter for the launch of a new product. To promote the launch of their latest shoe, the one with BOOST technology, Adidas developed this augmented reality filter that sent the user to space where they could experience a sense of weightlessness which was the core message of their marketing campaign. This AR filter can be used with both the front and back camera, each with their own unique AR experience. This 3D AR filter was an incredible way to increase engagement from their audience and to create user generated content that would increase awarness for their launch.

Adidas Instagram Filter

7. End Slavery Non Profit Quiz Filter

Online quizes have been a great tool for stealing peoples attention over the years whilst also possibly educating them about certain topics at the same time. We’ve all been there, dumping hours into a buzzfeed quiz whilst on a lunch break. Well its no surprise that AR quiz filters are now taking the social platforms by storm. Ok well maybe not by storm but they are getting some good engagement. So its no wonder than this non-profit looked to this filter type to raise awareness for a cause that most probably didn’t even think was a reality. The user is presented with questions and tilts their head left or right to select an answer. Its simple but effective.

7 AR Filters We Love Right Now

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