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5 TikTok Effects That Will Help Spice Up Your Content!  

It is pretty evident to see that a lot of TikTok Creators are some of the most creative people creating content online. They can make you laugh with their comedic skits, they can blow your mind with jaw-dropping makeup tutorials and get you all introspective by voicing important topics and dropping those full-on knowledge bombs

Despite all the quality research and creativity that goes into that content, there is another aspect of production that can help assist in the compulsion of their videos and that is often the built in TikTok effects. If you are looking to cultivate a larger audience on TikTok and to create content with a higher potential for virality, then maybe it’s time that you got acquainted with TikTok effects.

What Are TikTok Effects?

TikTok has so many features you might think it was designed by Homer Simpson. Since this might be your first time we will go slow and start with the basics.

Firstly it is important to understand the difference between TikTok Effects and TikTok Filters. TikTok Filters are essentially like the same sort of generic filters that you can find on IG. You know the ones that let you change the colours, add different LUTs, play with the lighting etc. You can apply these before you record or later in post.

There is ultimately two types of TikTok effects. One that you can apply prior to recording and the one that you can apply in post. The former is typically the one that is more fun and creative to use. You can add objects into the frame, change backgrounds, and edit or add things to your face, all in real-time through the use of augmented reality. The latter relates more to different types of editing functions, things like slow motion, or transitions or zoom effects.  

How To Use TikTok Effects?


In order to add effects prior to recording, press the + symbol at the bottom of the home screen. Next press the “Effects” icon displayed bottom left. There you should see several sections for different effects that fall into the following categories; New, Trending and Funny. When you select and effect you will see it applied to your camera in real time. Some of these effects may also provide instructions for how to use them.

To add effects in post, finish recording the video, press the tick bottom right of the screen, and then choose effects at the bottom of the screen. You will then be given a variety of different effect options that you can use to edit your video.

If you already know the name of the effect that you want to use but are struggling to find it in the effect menu, then you can use the general discover search. What you need to do is look for any video that is using the effect you want to use. You should then be able to see that particular effect will be linked in the video. Just press the link and then press “Try This Effect”.

Once you are done recording there are a number of different things you can do, for instance, adding closed captions to your TikTok videos or adding a voiceover. However, for the remainder of this post, we will be looking at the different visual effects and how to use them to add better production quality to your content.

1. TikTok Green Screen

Green Screen Effect

The TikTok Green Screen effect is usually one of the first effects you will see when you open the menu panel. To be fair it is probably one of the most used effects on the platform. This effect allows the user to change the background to an image or video that the user would like to use.

You are probably familiar with seeing this effect being used in reaction videos. For example, if a creator wanted to respond to a Twitter feed, then they could take a screenshot of it and then use it in the background while they talk about it. Or maybe they want to respond to another video that they have seen, then they can add that video into the background while they talk about it. You can even use it to layer yourself, so you can have a harmonised video of you singing with yourself.

Make sure to give this TikTok effect a try, there are many different green screen effects that you can mess around with from a whole section dedicated to this green screen effect.

2. Clone Trio Effect

TikTok Effect

Maybe you are a fan of TikTok dance challenges? Or maybe you are genuinely a dancer who wants to flex their moves. Regardless of your skill level, this could very well be the effect for you!

This effect creates a set of clones behind you. These clones will make the exact same movements as you. This creates an illusion that you aren’t actually just dancing alone in your bedroom. It’s a pretty cool effect if you are into that sort of thing.

If you’re feeling inspired and you want to give this effect a shot, just look for the pink icon, the one with the three images. Press that icon, select your preferred music and get your dancing shoes on.

3. Slow Zoom Effect

TikTok Effects

When it comes to TikTok content, most of us are no doubt playing the main character in these stories. And as we all know there is nothing quite as important as your facial expression. We’ve all seen them, you know the ones where the camera zooms up to the person’s facial expression? Well, the Slow Zoom effect is what you are looking for. The effect will cause the camera to zoom closer and closer to your face without you ever having to move your hand. It creates an effect like there is a cameraman zooming into your reaction.

If you want to try this effect right now, then find the icon with the face and four arrows pointing toward it. Press it and then decide how long you want to zoom effect to last for. You can choose between 10, 15 and 30 seconds. Then if you want to make the video more interesting you can add an intro or an outro.

If you want to find more zoom effects, check out the editing effects that you can apply in post after recording your content. You should see a fast zoom and a transition zoom effect also.

4. Beauty Effects

Beauty TikTok Effects

Whether you think they are playing a part in shaping perceptions of the self through the portrayal of impossible beauty standards or whether you think they are just a bit of fun and an interesting tool for creating different content, they are definitely worth checking out as they can completely alter your face and can make you into an entirely different person. Just maybe exercise some caution when messing around with these beauty effects.

Despite the potential negatives, they do also have their merits. Maybe you don’t want to but on a full face of makeup to create one TikTok or maybe you want to create a different character to play a part in your video. If you want to give them a go then go to the appearance tab in the effects panel and select the one you want to try.

5. Split Screen

split screen

The split-screen effect is super cool and can be used very creatively to produce some really interesting content. It allows the user to split the screen into two, or three, or even nine. Users can create dance videos with themselves playing different parts in each segment of the screen. Users can also use the effect to give their content a more cinematic feel, to create a sort of comic book movie montage. The effect was also used to create the Irish dance challenge video that achieved viral status.

The effect icon looks sort of like an airplane icon that has been duplicated. Once you press it, you can then select the number of screen divisions you want to use. The user can also use the effect when editing their videos after they have recorded the video content already.

There are many more TikTok effects that you can use than the ones mentioned above so make sure to check them out. And remember that TikTok will allow users to make videos that are anywhere from 15 seconds to 3 minutes in length so you can always apply more than one effect to your videos. You can start and stop mid-recording as many times as you want and then apply a new effect before resuming the recording.

As already discussed there really is a lot more to explore than what we have covered, but the TikTok effects above are for sure some of the more popular effects that you can use right now.

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